About us

Our Mission

We want to significantly impact the people who are having an effect. Beginning around 2008, the  Wholesale Liquidation Pallet has served driving charities, schools, and magnanimous associations by giving basically required discount products to assist with achieving incredible missions. Through agreeable, informed help and key associations with similar associations, Wholesale Liquidation Pallet furnishes local area legends with the assets they need…and all the more critically, respect to the people who need it most. We are more than just a wholesale service and we ship to almost all countries in the world.

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To make giving affordable​

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To exceed expectations

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To supply more good

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Team Behind The Scene

In the past, online liquidators pawned off “as is” and “salvage-grade” merchandise to buyers as the best value available in the wholesale marketplace. Product misrepresentation, low-grade items, and a narrow assortment of tier-2 or 3 brands were commonplace. Today, we’ve worked tirelessly to make things better, and it’s thanks to this amazing team.

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David McDon

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David McDon

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David McDon

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David McDon

Our Offers

  • An incredible range of products your customers are looking for
  • The tier-1 brands you demand based on exclusive relationships with top national retailers/manufacturers
  • Daily availability of all grades of products so you can stay in-stock
  • Smaller loads so you can test customer demand without tying up all of your resources
  • Six (6) convenient locations throughout the US and Canada allow you to quickly receive shipments
  • 90-day warranties on refurbished products to alleviate non-working issues

All product refurbishment is done at our in-house facilities. Returned items are processed to ensure they operate according to the manufacturer’s original specifications, are kitted with new accessories, warrantied, and placed in retail-ready/new packaging ready for resale. Merchandise is warehoused at one of our six (6) US and Canadian centers and is available for shipment to virtually anywhere in the world.