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Pallet Merchandise

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36 reviews for Pallet Merchandise

  1. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Pamebe (Verified Purchase)

    Pretty decent for the price

  2. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Darlene (Verified Purchase)

    Only thing I dislike is juicer shoots out of the back and turmeric got all over the wall and stained it.

  3. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Giant (Verified Purchase)

    The fryer is small, It took me two hours to fry chicken wings for a family of 4. Wish it was bigger

  4. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Virginia (Verified Purchase)

    I find the deep fryer perfect in EVERY way

  5. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Paul (Verified Purchase)

    The ryer takes a lot of oil however limited depth on the basket so the cooking portion is relatively small

  6. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Constatine (Verified Purchase)

    Awesome. Thank you! 🙂

  7. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Olivia (Verified Purchase)

    We got this a couple of days ago, absolutely love it!

  8. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Michelle (Verified Purchase)

    Love it !

  9. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Lorraine (Verified Purchase)

    I received this yesterday and I was not crazy about how cheap they would look on my counter.

  10. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Otto (Verified Purchase)

    Who doesn’t love an egg mick muffin? Especially if one can whip them out easy-peasy at home using fresh ingredients! I love the fresh ingredients part best. I also love that you can get experimental and use different meats, cheeses, etc.

  11. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Lee (Verified Purchase)

    I had to return the Juice extractor because I believe it would extract the juice to a trash but I see too much off the liquid in the waste.

  12. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Gomez (Verified Purchase)

    I love it 🙂

  13. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Justin (Verified Purchase)

    I received this today, ahead of a monster snow storm we’re going to get this weekend

  14. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Terry (Verified Purchase)

    the breakfast sandwich makes great egg muffin sandwiches

  15. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Bih (Verified Purchase)


  16. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Martin (Verified Purchase)

    I am really satisfied with this purchase.

  17. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Alex (Verified Purchase)

    None got bad

  18. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Scott (Verified Purchase)

    I bought this item as a gift. Unfortunately someone else had done the same so I had to send it back. We did have the chance however to set it up. The product seemed excellent and the instructions for use were very clear.

  19. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Daniella (Verified Purchase)

    Pretty good for the price. Just don’t put beets in the juice blender.

  20. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Linda (Verified Purchase)

    I am usually skeptical about these kind of gadgets. Now they’re here, I can’t wait to try them out, just had to drop this review,I’m not done yet…

  21. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Arya (Verified Purchase)

    The juice blender works well . Spins very fast for which reduces the amount of juice that can come out of it

  22. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Michelene (Verified Purchase)

    The juice blender is ok to clean I wouldn’t say easy, plenty of blending power.

  23. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    MG (Verified Purchase)

    The dispenser was easy to put together

  24. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Alex (Verified Purchase)

    It’s a good purchase

  25. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Megan (Verified Purchase)

    I like the fact that it was delivered on time. I haven’t yet use the item yet but I am almost confident they’re good.

  26. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Reynolds (Verified Purchase)

    The egg boiler is perfect for boiled eggs, consistent results with minimal effort.

  27. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Keren (Verified Purchase)

    It is a waste of fruits n veggies

  28. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Riena (Verified Purchase)

    This is a good product.

  29. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Alex (Verified Purchase)

    Whether you enjoy hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, or omelets, the egg cooker is an excellent choice inside this pallet

  30. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Crystal (Verified Purchase)

    It is kind of messy when you use the juicer, and it’s a pain to take apart and reassemble.

  31. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Carlos (Verified Purchase)

    The cleaning tool is superb

  32. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Toni (Verified Purchase)

    The juicer is very easy to use. It’s also easy to clean. You can take all of the pieces apart to clean it

  33. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Chang (Verified Purchase)

    all items are ok

  34. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Adriana (Verified Purchase)

    This pallet is a great buy and has not disappointed me

  35. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Bernard (Verified Purchase)

    A little smaller than I thought but again the right choice for any kitchen

  36. 56b923710c75aded2bdaafcd46d522aa?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Ahmad (Verified Purchase)

    Good product

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