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Robot Toy

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Robot Toy Features

  • Colors: Blue, Pink, Yellow (Assorted)
  • Water Activated: Yes
  • Age Range: 18 Months & Up
  • Packaging: Retail Ready

Note: We do not ship to Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Sudan




Robot Toy Wholesale Liquidation

Assemble Your Toy : Assemble the fossil pieces to bring your dino skeleton to life!
4 To Collect: Which dinosaur skeleton will you discover? Will it be the fearsome T-Rex, terrifying Triceratops, awesome Ankylosaurus or the striking Stegosaurs?
Zuru Robo Alive: Robo Alive features functioning robotic pets, that move and act like they’re real! They’re more than alive – they’re Robo Alive!
Controller: Toys can be controlled in all directions thanks to its remote control and its sensors!
Cool Tricks:  It can sit, lie down, sit up and beg, say hello, play bad, do push-ups and many more tricks!
Lots of sound and light effects: its eyes light up with LED lights and make her look very endearing! Light effects on her necklace!

Robot Toys Inside Wholesale Pallet

  • Robotic Baby Shark Toy
  • Robotic Zuru Toy
  • Robotic Dog Toy
  • Robot Toy Dinosaur
  • Robot Toy Dogs



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