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Apple 10.2-inch iPad

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Wholesale Apple 10.2-inch iPad

Competitive Pricing: Buying wholesale allows you to acquire Apple 10.2-inch iPad units at discounted prices compared to retail. This cost advantage enables you to set competitive prices for your customers, attracting more sales and maintaining healthy profit margins.

Reliable Quality: We source our wholesale Apple 10.2-inch iPads directly from authorized distributors, ensuring that you receive genuine and high-quality products. This helps build trust with your customers, knowing they are getting authentic Apple devices.

In-Demand Product: The Apple 10.2-inch iPad is a popular choice among consumers due to its versatile functionality, sleek design, and powerful performance. Offering this sought-after product in your inventory increases the appeal of your offerings, attracting a wider range of customers.

Ample Storage Capacity: The 64GB storage capacity of the Apple 10.2-inch iPad provides users with ample space to store their apps, files, photos, and videos. This makes it a versatile device suitable for various purposes, whether for work, entertainment, or educational use.

Versatile Usage: The Apple 10.2-inch iPad offers a wide range of features and capabilities, including a Retina display, powerful A12 Bionic chip, support for Apple Pencil, and compatibility with various apps and services. This versatility appeals to different user needs, making it a versatile option for your customers.

Ideal Size: With its 10.2-inch display, the iPad strikes a balance between portability and productivity. It offers a comfortable viewing experience for browsing, media consumption, and productivity tasks, making it suitable for both personal and professional use.

Long Battery Life: The Apple 10.2-inch iPad is known for its long-lasting battery life, allowing users to enjoy extended usage without frequent recharging. This is particularly beneficial for customers who are always on the go or prefer using their iPads for extended periods.

Wide Range of Accessories: The Apple 10.2-inch iPad has a vast ecosystem of accessories, including cases, keyboards, and Apple Pencil, that enhance its functionality and user experience. Upselling these accessories alongside the iPads can increase your average order value and customer satisfaction.

Brand Reputation: Apple is a globally recognized brand known for its quality, innovation, and user-friendly products. Offering wholesale Apple 10.2-inch iPads allows you to leverage the brand’s reputation and appeal to customers who specifically seek Apple devices.

Support and Service: As your wholesale partner, we provide dedicated support and service throughout your purchasing journey. Our team of experts is here to assist you with any inquiries, logistics, or special requirements you may have, ensuring a smooth and efficient wholesale experience.



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