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Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch

Model Name 10.5-inch iPad Pro Brand Apple Screen Size 10.5 Inches Operating System IOS Memory Storage Capacity 64 GB

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Wholesale Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch – USA Trusted Liquidation Pallet Supplier

Competitive Pricing: Buying wholesale allows you to access discounted prices compared to retail, enabling you to set competitive prices and attract more customers. Our wholesale pricing ensures you can maximize your profit margins while offering a desirable product.

Genuine Apple Products: We source our wholesale Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch units directly from authorized distributors, ensuring you receive authentic and high-quality devices. You can trust that the iPads you receive are genuine Apple products, offering your customers the premium quality they expect.

Powerful Performance: The Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch is equipped with Apple’s powerful A10X Fusion chip, delivering impressive performance and smooth multitasking capabilities. Whether your customers need to run demanding apps, create multimedia content, or engage in graphic-intensive gaming, the iPad Pro can handle it all with ease.

ProMotion Display Technology: The iPad Pro 10.5-inch features a stunning Retina display with ProMotion technology, offering a high refresh rate of up to 120Hz. This results in smoother scrolling, more responsive interactions, and an enhanced overall visual experience. Your customers will appreciate the fluidity and clarity of the display.

Versatile Size: The 10.5-inch form factor strikes a balance between portability and productivity. It offers ample screen real estate for tasks like reading, browsing, and multimedia consumption while remaining lightweight and easy to carry. It’s an ideal size for professionals, students, and individuals on the go.

Apple Pencil Compatibility: The iPad Pro 10.5-inch supports the Apple Pencil, allowing users to unleash their creativity and productivity. Whether your customers are artists, designers, or note-takers, the Apple Pencil offers precise input and intuitive interaction, making the iPad Pro a versatile tool for various tasks.

Enhanced Cameras: The iPad Pro 10.5-inch is equipped with advanced cameras, including a 12-megapixel rear camera and a 7-megapixel front camera. Users can capture stunning photos, record high-quality videos, and engage in video calls with exceptional clarity and detail.

Ample Storage Options: The iPad Pro offers different storage capacities, including larger options like 64GB, 256GB, or even 512GB, ensuring your customers have plenty of space to store their files, documents, photos, and videos. This flexibility allows users to choose the storage option that best suits their needs.

Long Battery Life: The iPad Pro is designed to offer all-day battery life, allowing users to stay productive and entertained without worrying about running out of power. This is particularly beneficial for professionals who need a reliable device throughout their workday or for travelers who require extended usage on the go.

Apple Ecosystem Integration: The iPad Pro seamlessly integrates with the broader Apple ecosystem, enabling users to leverage features like iCloud, Handoff, and Continuity. This ecosystem synergy enhances the user experience and makes the iPad Pro a valuable addition to customers already invested in Apple products.


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